About CommunicateForever: CommunicateForever is a course that enables individuals to practice and learn forty communication skills. The goal is to create emotional intelligence. The CommunicateForever course can be provided by schools and colleges, companies, and places of worship. A suggested typical course can be offered in ten or twelve class periods of two hour periods. Three or four skills can be covered in one class period.

A facilitator leads students of all ages to teach themselves by: (1) role-playing already created dialogs for each skill, (2) practicing with others outside of the class, (3) actually using the skills with family, friends, work associates, and then (4) sharing their experiences with fellow students. Individuals and couples may purchase the workbook and learn to use the skills on their own time without needing to be in a classroom. The CommunicateForever course has been created by Wade Whitmer, who is the founder of Eduperior.

About Eduperior: Eduperior is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Eduperior enables individuals or virtual teams of educators to create courses on any subject for schools and colleges, or for any company or other type of organization. Eduperior is authorized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to exist as a nonprofit for two reasons: (1) to reduce government education expenditures and (2) to assist needy students. To learn more click on Eduperior and then click on the slideshow provided on the Eduperior website. Eduperior has a for-profit subsidiary, called Eduvisor, to provide its capabilities to organizations that do not fit the two categories just mentioned. The Eduvisor website is not yet available.

Emotional Intelligence-Score: When you register you will be able to answer a survey and create an Emotional Intelligence score (EI-Score) for yourself. As you become a better communicator you may take the survey again, constantly seeking to create a better EI-Score for yourself. A de-identified average score for a group of students, employees, or members of religious organization will be made available.

Registration: Register to purchase the CommunicateForever workbook or participate with a group taking the course. Your registration will also enable you to access Eduperior and courses created within Eduperior.


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