CommunicateForever Terms and Conditions

The use of the CommunicateForever course or any product provided by CommunicateForever is intended to help improve a person’s quality of communication.   All organizations and users of the CommunicateForever course or any CommunicateForever product are completely and totally responsible for any actions or conduct they experience when using any communication skill or product provided by CommunicateForever.  Eduperior, Inc. provides the program called CommunicateForever.  By using CommunicateForever each user acknowledges that you are solely responsible for your conduct, actions, and words and that you hold Eduperior, Inc. and CommunicateForever harmless for your conduct, actions, and words.

Any user may contribute content which may be comments, stories, dialogs, or videos of dialogs.  Any content may be ‘Flagged’ by other users.  A Flag indicates that a user considers content to be inappropriate.  Any user submitted content that receives 1 or more ‘Flags’ may be removed permanently by CommunicateForever.  Eduperior and CommunicateForever may remove any user provided content and any user’s account for any reason at any time with no explanation.

All rights are reserved including the right to reproduce any and all content in the app, on the website, or workbook in any form whatsoever.  Permission is required except for brief passage in connection with a review.